I am Hiro Fukushima.


I entered the design industry 13 years ago. I help companies of any size create, improve and implement unique ideas and solutions.

As a kid, I derived satisfaction from puzzles and riddles. It was not about simply finding the solution, but more about composing strategies and systems that lead to the solution. It is the process of getting to see the connections that makes it fun.
I would spend days solving puzzles, and eventually began creating my own puzzles for family and friends, which led me to who I am and what I do today. – “Give me a problem and I will solve it in the most creative way.”

For me, design – especially modern product design – is like solving puzzles. And client briefings are like riddles… sometimes.
If you would ask me what I love the most about my profession, my answer would be simple yet complex: Everything. – the ongoing learning and balance of knowledge, logic, emotions and intuition. Design is not something where you keep moving pixels around until it feels right. Design is a very scientific approach with a process. You start with a big goal, and then you refine every step of the way until you solve the problem at the end.

In high school, I had a side job at a 5-star hotel. There I learned that to be a hotel manager, you had to learn and master all the skills of every department. Effective leadership required understanding the workflows and struggles of each division, and how they interacted with each other. This polymath approach to leadership inspires my approach to design. I have dedicated many years to learning a wide variety of design disciplines. Graphic/print design, digital/visual design, motion design, 3D, photography and filmography. And when I co-founded a design agency in Germany, I had a good sense of leading various projects and giving mentorship. Additional to that, when talking to clients, I knew what I was talking about.


Great design is not about self-expression or aesthetics for their own sake. It is about the recipient.
When I was 18 years old, I lived in a Buddhist monastery in South-Korea. There, I was taught about compassion. This practice translated to my profession and helped me better understand how end-users would use the product, their context, and what needs and problems they have.

I also speak 4 languages after living outside of the U.S. for most of my life (Japan, South Korea, The U.K., Germany), which allowed me to immerse myself in many different cultures from an early age. These experiences taught me how to navigate the often-conflicting preferences between different people, and how to develop creative compromises that can satisfy all parties involved.


My process is simple but effective: I immediately focus on building rapport with people throughout the company, understanding how they work and what their culture is like. From there, I create concepts and eventually all other visual components to communicate the vision and create something audiences will really love. Lastly, I utilize my excellent interpersonal communication skills to bring key stakeholders together to make efficient decisions on designs without sacrificing quality.


From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, here are some clients I have worked with:

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