BMW Interactive Mirror

For the Dubai International Motor Show we were asked to develop a new kind of interactive exhibit that would draw the visitor`s attention and inform them at the same time.

Technical Setup

A special one-way mirror was installed in front of a 75” LCD screen. A hidden “Kinect” tracked the movements and height of the visitor. Interface elements would then appear around the reflected image of the interacting person.

Augmented Information

The mirror was developed to enhance the display of the selected models. BMW wished to inspire a sense of connection between the visitor and the vehicle. To help accomplish this, we positioned the mirror so that the actual car was visible behind the visitor as they stood in front of the mirror. The augmented experience then incorporated the car’s reflection. This futuristic interface could be navigated through movement and gestures.

Face Detection and Analysis

Custom-made software by The Fraunhofer Institut tracked the mood of the interacting person. Users were offered the option to record a short clip of this interaction, which was then streamed to the Facebook page of BMW Dubai.

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