Wie wird unser Strom erzeugt?

(English: How is our electricity generated?)

A part of what made Motion Squad Studio a creative hub was we were always looking for new side projects to stretch our minds and have a little fun with. These types of projects gave everyone the opportunity to step outside their normal day to day and try something new.

After some research we noticed ‘How is our energy made?’ to be a common question amongst Google users. A relatively simple question that has a lot to cover in terms of conventional methods.

We created a script and decided for the 3D animation style: Low poly. We even found an awesome anime voice over who was kind enough to lend us her voice.

Turns out, the topic of energy is widely covered in the German classroom. We were approached by different schools and teachers asking if our video could be used in their curriculum. Today this video is still active within school systems in Germany.

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